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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-My two cents with Good Sense!

4 Feb

I think Kanye needs to take a step back for a minute or two and watch his own video and listen to his own lyrics…maybe he’ll think twice before he puts a ‘ring on it’!

I, like thousands of the rest of the world’s population, have grown sick of hearing the name ‘Kardashian’ every time I turn on my television. If it isn’t an advertisement for one of their reality shows, it’s another for one of their myriad businesses like the online shoe buying clubs or other crappy but profitable ventures they have their sticky fingers in. I admit, when the original show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ first began airing on E!, I watched it whenever it was convenient. It seemed to be on whenever I turned the tv on, so it  wasn’t exactly easy to avoid getting sucked into their various dramas. I watched them prance around talking in a variation of the ‘college accent’ and ‘stripper-speak’ that was laughable and I made fun of their money-grubbing mother, Kris, and how she seemed intent on using her daughters by her late husband to get every dime possible from the public. I cringed as she talked Kim into posing for Playboy and was horrified when she told her that it was something to be proud of! Well, I guess when the only thing you’re known for is making a porno with Brandy’s little brother, Playboy probably IS a step up. But these three girls were supposed to be earning their keep by running a small clothing store, and then it seemed they took their combined lack of talent and morals and curvy figures and saw to it that every person in America and beyond had seen them in their underwear or less. Even Kloe, who was deemed the ‘fat one’ posed naked for PETA, after being told outright by stepfather Bruce Jenner that she might want to ‘tone up a bit’ before the shoot. All of it started making me simply sick to my stomach.

Yes, I watched as Kourtney gave birth to her son, literally pulling him from her womb on camera, I saw Kim get her butt x-rayed (which they proclaimed to be ‘iconic’-I doubt they know the definition of the word) and I saw poor Scott struggle with his alcoholism and then clean up, only to be told that if he agreed to knock Kourtney up again would she marry him. Still no marriage for Scott, but he did become a ‘Lord’ in England!

The worst thing I saw, hands down was the marriage of Kim to poor Kris Humphries, a relatively unknown basketball player with a low-key existence and from what I saw, down to earth morals and values and expectations of what marriage meant. He got swept up into the circus that is the Kardashian way of life, and the poor fool actually married her on television in the most gaudy ceremony I have ever had the misfortune to witness. (Yes, I watched the whole debacle…praying that he would run like hell before saying ‘I do’!

When your wedding is paid for by a network, your rings are given to you and the entire affair is televised and vendors actually PAY to be involved, surely there has to be some part of your gut that tells you that this is not reality, it’s a made-for-tv movie! But the poor schmuck went right ahead with it, and they went off on a lavish honeymoon (paid for by E! and the advertisers). Even that was filmed, and honestly I’m surprised that there wasn’t a sex scene in that too! The man may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, but he didn’t deserve all that happened following the wedding.

First, he is forced to change his practice routine so they can go live in New York, and be filmed of course. That didn’t work for him, and he was beginning to wise up. He went back to his home and got back to doing his job, training and playing ball. The poor guy thought that since he had a ring on his finger and Kim had one on hers that she would act like a wife now and come to be with him, live in his home and be by his side. But oh no! Kardashians can’t be expected to play normal roles in their lives, Kim had her home in California and she wasn’t planning on leaving it any time soon…in fact, she wasn’t even wanting him to live in her home at all! She had his things packed up and sent back to him so he knew he was unwelcome in her abode, ring or no ring! What was she thinking when she married him? Did she think that he was going to suddenly disappear now that she got the money for getting married on film and didn’t need him anymore? There is no way she could have ever loved him, hell she couldn’t have liked or respected him in any way to have treated him the way she did. So here come the divorce papers….

What she didn’t count on was that Kris had gotten a gullet full of her and was sick of all the bashing he was taking in the press and finally found his balls. Good for him! He was made a laughingstock in front of the world, and was the butt of every joke told on late night shows, online, and blogs. I felt sorry for him, it was not what he was promised when he married her, and he has every right to ask for an annulment! Kim did commit fraud when she stated that she would love, honor and be his wife for the rest of her life, and she also knew before she married him that he has a strong religious faith and that he expected to be married once, and that it would last for the rest of his life-not less than three months.

So, she won’t admit that she lied, that she’s nothing but a fraud, a woman who will sell herself to the highest bidder with no thought to who she hurts or who’s reputation and life she destroys. It’s Kim that is holding up the dissolution of that marriage, she needs to take a hard look in the mirror and admit that she did that man an enormous wrong and let him get on with his life. She sure has gotten on with hers.

Enter Kanye West, a purported friend of the family. He swoops right in and Kim latches onto him like a leech, managing to get him to get her pregnant before her marriage is over. Sounds like a fantastic person to mother a child, right? She argues that Kris won’t give her a divorce, well she needs to give in and sign those annulment papers! We all know the only reason she got married in the first place was for money, and to show Reggie Bush that there really WAS a man out there willing to marry her! Reggie sure dodged a bullet on that one, didn’t he? He is a lot smarter than I ever gave him credit for being. He saw Kim for what she is, nothing but a gold digger, and he wasn’t going to attach himself to a woman that was more interested in the salary and status of a husband than the love that she could give and receive. She is the kind of woman that makes me cringe, and I am ashamed that she even is the same SEX as me! There are women all over the world who practice the ‘world’s oldest profession’ and some of them are honest about it. Kim is exactly that, a whore, and the fact that she wears designer dresses and gets on any red carpet that will let her on it doesn’t make her better, it makes her worse because she is a liar about what she is.

So I have some advice for Kanye. I’m not his greatest fan, I think he is not high on the scale when it comes to intelligence quotients, but he’s stuck now because he let his libido lead the way instead of thinking about his actions. He needs to be a father to the child, of course, that is only right, but he needs to listen to the lyrics of his own song ‘Gold Digger’ and realize that he’s getting played by exactly the type of woman he describes in that song! “Eighteen years, eighteen years she have one of your kids she got your for eighteen years’, ‘If you gonna be with this girl you better be gettin paid’.

PRENUP!!!!! If you are indeed stupid enough to be considering marrying this trick, you better get an ironclad prenup and don’t forget to get a DNA test! Honestly, I’ve seen people do some really stupid things in life, but Kanye takes the cake! The president called him a jackass for getting on stage with Taylor Swift and interrupting her acceptance speech…someone needs to smack him in the head if he even THINKS about going ring shopping! Get her a dozen roses when she gives birth, get the DNA test done, and set up the child support payments and visitation.

Eighteen years, she already got you for eighteen years…don’t lose half of everything you have along with that! I’ve tried to warn you, that’s all I can do!